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As we live and work in an ever changing world, our lifestyles and diets have changed. As a result, our new division, Acti’sens features Masking Agents, Bitter Blockers, Sweetness Enhancers and Fat Replacers. These products are created in response to particular off-notes, functional requirements or nutritional goals.

Please reach out to our flavor team to discuss your unique needs. Typically, our in-house applications lab will taste your base product and select the best combination of ingredients to suit your specific formula.

Masking AgentReduce impact and smooth off-notes from poor tasting ingredients including vegan protein, vitamins, minerals, fish oil, botanicals and acids.
Bitter BlockerReduce impact of bitter, metallic and astringent notes including caffeine, amino acids, beta alanine, creatine, L-theanine, herbal extracts and stevia.
Sweetness EnhancerNatural, clean label solutions to create the sensation of sweetness in products where sugar or other sweeteners are undesirable or need to be reduced.
Fat ReplacerUnique flavors that create the texture and mouthfeel sensations of fat or richness in products where fat or excess calories are undesirable.