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The reality of today’s ever-changing global landscape necessitates frequent flavor engineering to include in the best diets possible. Most people, in theory, want a nutrition-rich diet, but no one wants to have to compromise their favorite tastes. ACTI’SENS is our solution to these taste-related challenges. Here at Metarom, we specialize in high-quality flavor formulation. There are essentially limitless possibilities for your flavors, but below we have listed the four main categories for the flavor inclusions we will work with for your needs.

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Product Description
Masking Agent Reduce impact and smooth off-notes from poor-tasting ingredients, including vegan protein, vitamins, minerals, fish oil, botanicals, and acids.
Bitter Blocker Reduce the impact of bitter, metallic, and astringent notes, including caffeine, amino acids, beta-alanine, creatine, L-theanine, herbal extracts, and stevia.
Sweetness Enhancer Natural, clean-label solutions create the sensation of sweetness in products where sugar or other sweeteners are undesirable or need to be reduced.
Fat Replacer Unique flavors create the texture and mouthfeel sensations of fat or richness in products where fat or excess calories are undesirable.

Each masking agent, bitter blocker, sweetness enhancer, or fat replacer is thoughtfully considered by Metarom to help our clients rebalance formulas appropriate for the best-tasting foods. While the specific purpose of flavor inclusion can vary from masking or blocking unwanted tastes to replacing fat to enhancing sweetness, the ultimate goal behind our ACTI’SENS flavor engineering is preserving the best tastes.

The Flavor Formulation Process

Functionality for flavor doesn’t supersede the natural flavors in the foods, it just supplements them based on sensory or functional requirements, nutritional goals, and overall taste profiles. Your unique needs will stay the focus of our ACTI’SENS flavor engineering. Typically, our in-house applications lab will taste your base product and select the best combination of ingredients to suit your specific formula. Reach out to our flavor team today to get started.