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A confectionary is a product made with sugar or other sweet ingredients. Here at Metarom USA, we know a lot about these confections, from fruit-based to chocolates to caramels and more. Our ingredients are top-tier, and our sweet caramels are just what you need. Get some more details of this quality experience by reading on.


The Best Confectionery Ingredients

Metarom USA offers quality solutions for  confectionery contract manufacturing, and that means our confectionery ingredients are the best in class. Here is a listing of products we can cater to: 


CHOCOLATE BASED: Candy Bars, Boxed Chocolates, Chocolate Coatings, Chocolate Bars, Compound Coatings, Enrobed Centers, Filled Chocolates, Fudge, Ganache, Mousse, Panned Chocolates, Truffles. 

FRUIT & CEREAL BASED: Candied Fruit, Candy Apples, Coconut Balls, Fruit Gems, Fruit Leathers, Fruit Licorice, Nougat, Peanut Brittle, Praline, Rice Crispy Treats, Sugar-free Candy. 

HARD CANDY: Boiled Sweets, Candy Canes, Comfits, Dragées, Gumballs, Gummies, Jawbreakers, Lollipops, Lozenges, Mints, Meringues, Pastilles, Pixie Sticks, Pop Rocks, Rock Candy, Swizzle Sticks, Toffee. 

SOFT CANDY: Caramel, Chewing Gum, Cotton Candy, Extruded Candy, Gelatin-based Candy, Honeycomb, Jellybeans, Licorice, Marshmallows, Marzipan, Pectin-based Candies, Popcorn, Sour Candy, Taffy, Turkish Delight.

Our Confectionery Contract Manufacturing

As you can see from the expansive list above, we know a lot about confectioneries and sweets. Our confectionery ingredients do have a lot of flavor varieties, but the quality standard is consistent. We can offer you a full range of solutions for confectionery contract manufacturing, so you get to work with us step by step to craft your perfectly sweet confections.


Get a Sweet Deal at Metarom USA

Caramel is our specialty, and we have decades of experience making caramel, but that’s really just the beginning of the confectionery ingredients available to you at Metarom USA.  Whether you need caramel powder or an amazing flavor, we can help! Let us know that you’re interested in our confectionery solutions, and we’ll take it from there. We would love to be your ingredient solutions partner!