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Acti’plus Flavor Solutions

Acti’plus is a range of functional flavors that can bring a powerful boost to your product. Learn more about customizable solutions from Metarom USA, including Acti’plus today.


What is Acti’plus?

Acti’plus is a Metarom USA specialty flavor supplement that literally acts as an active “plus” for tastebuds! Through the use of certain raw materials, flavors can be enhanced through texture, mouthfeel and taste modulation. Acti’plus can bring out the best in low calorie, reduced fat and reduced sugar products

That description may sound overly general because that’s the beauty of Acti’plus: it’s personalized to your exact recipe. We offer a wide variety of possibilities, all crafted by our flavor chemists uniquely for your product needs.

Customized flavor solutions are built one ingredient or additive at a time, carefully considering which flavors work well together while including existing taste profiles.d.. Acti’plus can smooth together disparate sources to improve the overall sensory experience. This way, a balanced experience between nutrition and taste comes to the center of the flavor profile.

Why Acti’plus Could Work for You

As an active ingredient in a custom flavor solution, Acti’plus can bring together the right taste, texture and mouthfeel to create an amazing flavor experience s. Acti’plus is both vegan and kosher, working well in a variety of flavor profiles and pairing nicely with many of our other additives and solutions.

Get a Plus To Your Flavors

Let us know if Acti’plus seems like a flavor supplement that could help you! Here at Metarom USA, we love customer interaction as we create your flavor solutions. Explore the options with us directly when you reach out. Our team will coordinate with you so you can be directly involved with the flavor chemists knowledgeable in incorporating Acti’plus into established recipes and new creations. After all, if you want the best flavor supplements, come to Metarom USA.