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If you’re in the market for a sweet treat made with dairy, Metarom USA is the caramel dairy source that you want to use. Our specialty caramel creams make us a premium choice for sweets made with dairy. While, of course, we have other options besides caramel with dairy infusions in your sweets, caramel is our specialty, and you’ll have access to plenty of options. Learn more about our expertise and offerings below.


Why Does Dairy Belong in Sweets? 

We know the reality of today’s world: not everyone is a dairy fan. Between those who are lactose intolerant or have other sensitivities and people who simply don’t like dairy, either for flavor or health reasons, plenty of our (and your) prospective customers would prefer to stay away from dairy. That is understandable, and we can accommodate those preferences in flavor profiles if you would like. But no sweet is for everyone, and for those who do want dairy, there are a host of benefits to dairy being in sweets. 


For example, the rich, creamy flavors in dairy elements will complement the sweet elements (think of the traditional pairing of milk and cookies, and you’ll see what we mean). Also, dairy additions keep the concoction moist, enhancing the overall effect of your sweet. 

Does Caramel Always Have Dairy?

So, dairy belongs in sweets, but what about caramels? Before we get into the many options for caramel dairy at Metarom USA, let’s explore the dairy content in caramel in general. Traditionally, caramel is primarily made of dairy, comprising both milk or heavy cream and butter. While there are now alternatives to make caramel dairy-free or vegan-approved, in a true caramel, dairy is a primary element, whether you have a hard candy or a sauce.


Our Speciality Caramel Creams 

One of our best options for ingredients and flavors comes with creams, and our expertise is, of course, with caramel. While sauces, syrups, powders, and other infusions are also a useful source of caramel flavoring that we carry here at Metarom USA, our specialty caramel creams are the most obvious examples of rich dairy ingredients. Options include our variegates, with salted, dark, and butter caramel textured flavor dimensions; our smooth caramel topping; and our irresistible caramel drizzle. For example, our sea salt caramel cream provides a sweet and savory fusion that brings a sweet dairy addition to your candy.


Get a Sweet Deal at Metarom USA

Whether you need a specialty caramel cream or another dairy element, explore options with us today. Reach out to us for personalized support!