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Bake-Stable Fillings

It’s often critical to have bake-stable fillings for bakery applications.. Enjoy the high-quality bake-stable fillings  from Metarom USA. Learn more about our bakery ingredients below.

Croissants with caramel filling

What does it mean to be bake-stable?

Before we get into the many options for bake-stable fillings at Metarom USA, you have to understand what it means to be bake-stable. To many, baking may seem simple: mix ingredients and put in a hot oven, but in reality, baking is more of a scientific process requiring high temperatures and precisely measured ingredients. For a baking venture to be successful, those ingredients need to be able to withstand those high temperatures over the entire period of baking time.

Bake-stable ingredients mean baking will work the way it is intended. So, a bake-stable caramel filling, for example, can be baked long enough to make the best kind of homemade caramel at the right temperature the whole time.

Our Bake-Stable Offerings

Here at Metarom USA, our bakery is full of options. In addition to bake-stable caramel powder, we also offer bake-stable caramel bits, and we have possibilities beyond caramels as well. If you are interested in the possibilities for bake-stable components that could work in your flavor profiles, let us know.

Bake with us at Metarom USA

Over sixty years ago, Metarom started with baking caramels, and we’re still offering high-quality bake-stable caramel powder as well as other options for caramels and beyond. We’d love to work with you to use our bake-stable fillings for caramels or any other sweets or recipes. Our flavor chemists will bake your recipes directly, so we can work together to find the taste combinations that make a perfect match. Reach out to us to get the baking started!