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Fat Replacers

Metarom USA offers high-quality flavor engineering, and this includes creating the best fat replacers in food. Rather than having fat as a health concern in your recipe, plenty of alternatives can be used to keep your products the way you want them to taste. But because there are so many options, you need the manufacturing expertise of flavor chemists who can help you find the right solution for your needs. Explore the possibilities below = working with a fat replacement manufacturer.

An Overview of Fat Replacers

Fat replacers range in content, effectiveness, health, and more. In discussions of fat replacers in food, delineations are usually made by composition. Broadly, three general categories are recognized.

  1. The most common fat replacers are carbohydrate-based, coming from starchy foods. This includes fat replacers like gelatin and modified dietary fibers to replace the fat.
  2. Secondly, different fat replacers are made by modifying protein, typically with egg whites or milk whey.
  3. Finally, others are made by replacing triglycerides in vegetable oils.

But at Metarom USA, we won’t work in broad terms: we’ll get into the specifics as your fat replacement manufacturer to find what makes sense for your unique recipes and formulas.

What We Offer as a Fat Substitute Manufacturer

Metarom USA understands that fat is a common element, even highly desirable in some senses and that a fat replacer needs to be carefully considered. Our flavors are uniquely crafted so that you get both the texture and mouthfeel sensation of fat without excess calories or fat composition.

The unique element is the key; we take a personal approach as a fat substitute manufacturer. Our applications lab, which is fully in-house, will work with you individually, tasting your base product and then using our arsenal of options to find the best combinations possible, working with you every step of the way. We’ll make sure you get substitutes for fat without sacrificing flavor. If you’re ready to benefit from our fat replacement manufacturer services, let us know today. Our flavor team will be happy to find your fat replacers in food.