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Vanilla Specks

Incorporating vanilla as a classic and essential flavor can be an excellent touch for your recipes’ right look and taste. We have plenty of vanilla options here at Metarom USA, but our vanilla specks are great for flavor profiles where you want the presence of vanilla to be evident to the eye and on the tongue. Vanilla bean specks can signal authenticity, especially when you use the quality ingredients from Metarom USA. If you’re interested in this type of vanilla, learn a little more below, or let us know, and we can send you a sample.

A fresh vegan smoothie

Our Careful Process to Get the Right Specks

Vanilla specks and seeds are often confused, so let us explain. In our quality vanilla seed process, exhausted vanilla seeds are separated from their beans and sieved to ensure uniform size. For specks, the process is slightly different. Exhausted vanilla beans are carefully dried, sterilized, and ground into fine powder to mimic the appearance of vanilla seeds at a fraction of the cost. 


An untrained eye may be unable to tell the difference between specks and seeds, but vanilla bean specks will have a lower price without sacrificing quality. Metarom USA understands the fine distinctions between seeds and specks for your vanilla. 

Try Out Our Specks

Our vanilla specks are especially popular in dairy applications such as vanilla protein shakes. Still, the possibilities are endless for incorporating these options into your flavor profiles. If you have an idea for using vanilla in your recipe, you can contact us directly to get some samples sent over directly. 


Our talented team will have up-to-date information on current vanilla market pricing and the latest trends in vanilla usage. Try out our specks, and you won’t be disappointed!