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Acti’boost Sweetener

Metarom USA is one of the best natural sweetener companies, working with high-tier options like Acti’boost. For various recipe combinations, look at this great option to balance nutrition in your sweet flavored products. Learn more about this staple of our sweetener manufacturer services.

What is Acti’boost?

Metarom USA offers our ACTI’SENS line of solutions to balance nutrition and flavor, and Acti’boost specifically targets sweeteners, namely sugar. Our Acti’boost flavor range offers improved nutritional profiles for reduced-sugar products. This boost brings about a healthier product without sacrificing the sweetness in the desired flavor profile.

Acti’boost rebalances your products’ sweetness perception while improving the nutritional profile. We recognize that many recipes and formulas rely on sweetness, and Acti’boost is a great way to ensure this can be the experience while reducing sugar and calories . Metarom USA is proud to offer such a top-tier option as a sweetener company.

The Taste Enhancing Additive You Need for Sweets

Because Acti’boost highlights sweet flavors, we consider it a staple for the sweetener manufacturer services we pride ourselves on. Like all of our food taste enhancers, Acti’boost is:

  • The highest quality
  • non-GMO
  • TTB compliant
  • Vegan and kosher
  • Effective in a variety of applications

And that’s just the beginning! Ask us if you want more details.

Get an Active Boost from Metarom USA

If your flavor profile needs an active boost, especially when it comes to sweetness, then you’ll want to consider Acti’boost. Let us know that you’re interested in this option, and we can see if it is a fit for your tastes. Work with the sweetener company that knows how to maximize the sweetness you’re craving.