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Caramel Powders & Inclusions

Aromatic Caramel Powder

Add the perfect finishing touch to every sweet indulgence – Metarom USA brings you the best in aromatic powders and caramel inclusions for every treat. Amplify both shape and texture with caramel bits and other delicate flavors to compliment your creations. Our unique blends and specialties include:

  • Dairy-free and vegan-option caramel powders
  • Bake stable caramel gently infused with sea salt
  • Caramel Cream Powder and Bits that melt on your tongue

Meet dietary needs and allow our flavor chemists to match and customize your product.

Decades of Industry Experience

Our caramel inclusions meet strict international standards. With a collective 100 years of combined experience in the industry, Metarom USA excels at crafting the best signature flavors that hold long-standing popularity in French culinary tradition. We have decades of experience working with complex goods, including:

  • A range of dairy products, such as alternative milk beverages, ice cream, yogurt, and whipped cream variations
  • Drinks including coffee, tea, sodas and protein beverages
  • Desserts including chocolates, truffles, and popular candy bars
  • Caramel powder is used for creating specialty sauces famous in French and American cuisine

We draw from years of achieving the perfect balance to bring you the best flavor possible.

Work With Us

Enhance each bite by working with our experienced chemists to perfect your ultimate vision and nutritional needs. We specialize in caramel bits and other enhancements created using plant-based substitutes and vegan-friendly ingredients. Our team caters to upscale clients undergoing periods of high growth and large-scale needs. Contact our team at Metarom USA to learn more and request an online sample today.