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Acti’mask Flavor Masking

Metarom USA works with the best flavor masking additives, including Acti’mask. Learn more about this powerful masking solution and see how we can use it in your customized formula below.

What is Acti’mask?

Acti’mask combines a wide range of flavor masking ingredients to reduce the perception of off-notes in your product including but not limited to bitterness, astringency, fermented, metallic and herbal tastes.

When using this great flavor masking additive, your other flavors can work well in the mouth, allowing active ingredients to be masked and work effectively without sacrificing taste. But if you don’t really understand the nature of Acti’mask, don’t worry – all you really need to understand is the powerful possibilities that come from using it.

The Benefits of Using a Masking Solution

When you use a flavor masking solution, you get what it sounds like-masking. And that’s exactly what you want when it comes to off-notes

Reduced off-notes mean more success for your products – that’s the kind of benefit you’re looking for with incorporating an additive like Acti’mask in your recipe. Our Acti’mask pulls desirable tastes to the top of the flavor profile while actively masking others, so you get the best of both worlds.

Work With Our Flavor Chemists

Acti’mask is only one of the many flavors possible to incorporate in your product at Metarom USA. Our flavor chemists understand all the fine details of ratios, tastes, and compositions, so you can get the best tastes with the best effects. Contact our flavor team today if you think you might be interested in Actimask. We can taste your base recipe, give you information, and see how a flavor masking solution might work for you.