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Through unique manufacturing partnerships and processing equipment, we are proud to offer vanilla bean products including whole beans, ground beans, vanilla extract, vanilla paste, vanilla seeds and exhausted ground vanilla beans (vanilla specks).

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Product Description
Vanilla Extract Vanilla beans are macerated in alcohol to extract the vanilla and thousands of other aromatic compounds from the cured beans. Available in a number of strengths.
Vanilla Paste Vanilla extract, ground vanilla and a gum solution creates a vanilla paste used extensively in the bakery industry.
Vanilla Seeds
Exhausted vanilla seeds are separated from their beans and sieved to ensure uniform size. These seeds are limited in supply and are prized in culinary applications and vanilla ice-cream.
Vanilla Specks Exhausted vanilla beans are carefully dried, steam sterilized and ground into fine powder to mimic the appearance of vanilla seeds at a fraction of the cost. Popular in dairy applications, including vanilla protein shakes.
Ground Beans Selected vanilla beans ground to create a think vanilla mass, used almost exclusively in chocolate manufacturing.