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There are many critical elements to creating the right food or beverage product, including look and taste, but surely one of the most important is nutritional content. Metarom USA serves as a top-notch nutritional ingredient manufacturer. We specifically design our ingredients and additions with the balance of nutrients in mind. Learn more about the possibilities for additives with us below.

Working with Expert Flavor Engineers

Most people, including your customers, consume a variety of food products each day without necessarily understanding some, or even any, of the nutritional values of each. Luckily, when you work with Metarom USA, you don’t have to understand all the nuances, either. Our flavor engineers are experts in nutrition, as well as balancing nutritional profile with other aspects. Our nutritional food additives are guaranteed with our quality standard. You’ll love the ability to provide nutrient-additive food products to your customers, showing that you care about their health.


How Can Caramel Be Nutritional?

When it comes to nutritional food additives, how does caramel make the list? You’d be surprised. While caramel candies, of course, do not have the same nutritional value as a vegetable, caramel is an ingredient that enhances other foods. That’s especially true when it comes to caramels of our quality. Real, traditional caramel contains milk, which makes it a source of minerals, vitamins, protein and fat. 


For example, your sweet can have calcium benefits with caramel, which helps with bone strength. Ask us for details about the benefits of the specific caramels you want to use.


Create Nutrient-Additive Food Products With Us

Nutrition is important, so you want to prioritize this aspect of your flavor profiles. Come to Metarom USA as your nutritional ingredient manufacturer, and you won’t be disappointed. Let’s get started on finding the right additives for your project today!