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Caramel Specialty

One-of-a-Kind Creations

Seeking a showstopper flavor that checks off all the boxes? Our one-of-a-kind creations are customized and aligned to your every need. Decades of experience in the industry means our team brings unique flavors you won’t find elsewhere. From carmel binder to keto caramel and high-protein caramel layer, Metarom USA brings you the best in distinctive flavors and custom orders that help you meet the needs of a broad range of dietary needs.

Pure, No-Sugar-Added Caramel Filling

Maintaining a healthy outlook means keeping it simple – at Metarom, our core belief is that natural is best. We also aim to meet niche dietary needs. That’s why our technicians draw from decades of experience to bring you pure specialty caramel flavors, including sugar-free filling options.

  • We have no-sugar, keto, and high-protein versions of our caramel layer syrups
  • Our fillings include caramel binders to meet specific dietary requirements.

Don’t compromise on healthy food options – work with our team and develop a delicious specialty treat perfect for celebrating your daily goals and milestones.

Learn More About Our Options

Our California office is committed to offering something different. Our commitment to the environment and developing products that meet consumer health needs sets us apart. Today, learn more about our caramel specialty items, including no-sugar-added caramel filling.