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Caramel Syrups

Custom Caramel Syrup Flavors

Discover premium caramel syrup flavors tailored to your unique needs and health requirements in the United States. Metarom USA brings you a wide selection of delicate caramels flavored to perfection – each distinguished by its subtle flavors and specially crafted nuances. Choose from a variety of rich natural flavors, including:

  •  Dark caramel syrup
  •  Caramel Brulee syrup
  •  Salted caramel syrup
  •  Blonde caramel

Let us customize your flavor combination and enhance the final product without sacrificing its composition and appearance.

Established Industry Standards

Each of our caramel syrups meet the strictest standards in the business. Metarom USA has deep roots and a longstanding history of tailoring the signature flavors of France. Our premium syrups meet the high standards of European food and health requirements. Our team customizes your blend to meet specific dietary requirements that other flavor manufacturers can rarely cater to. Discover how we can help your product meet niche market standards, including:

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Maintain strict standards while enjoying great natural taste perfected through decades of experience in the European industry.

Contact Metarom Today

Our team of chemists helps you discover the perfect blend to enhance your unique dairy goods, health beverages, protein shakes, gourmet pastry products, and more. Don’t sacrifice texture or composition when creating specialty caramel syrups to meet your needs. Discover the ultimate syrup: dark caramel, brulee, salted caramel, blonde caramel syrup, and other variations that will surely add to the final finish! Contact our team at Metarom today to request an online sample.