A spread of tropical fruit

A Rich Assortment of Unique Fruit Flavors

Founded in France in the 1950s, Metarom USA carries a wide assortment of the most unique fruit flavors available to the world of gastronomy, perfect for a wide variety of dietary, culinary, and mixology products. No matter if you need a true-to-life flavoring for mixed drinks or a stabilizing additive for pastries, Metarom USA has decades of experience and quality dedicated to providing you with authentic and delicious fruit flavorings that are certain to impress with their nuance, depth, and boldness of flavor. Available as water-based, oil-based, and powdered flavors, Metarom can help you find the perfect authentic flavoring for your next culinary project, whether it’s a fan favorite fruit or a niche liquor.

A spread of tropical fruit

For Baking

From classic fruits like Strawberry and Cherry to more unique fruit flavors like Guava or Cointreau, Metarom USA has a selection of excellent offerings to create the perfect profile in your baked goods. These oil-based and powdered flavorings are perfect for mixing into fats or doughs, providing a valuable alternative to water- and alcohol-based flavoring extracts. From berry compotes to rich fruit caramels, Metarom USA’s wide selection of flavors will help you develop a nuanced, balanced, and well-flavored pastry that won’t split ingredients or alter the baking process.

Bakers and pastry chefs may also be interested in Metarom’s selection of fat replacers, built to help replace gelatins, kinds of butter, egg whites, and many other natural fats commonly found in pastry recipes. Whatever your recipe, Metarom USA will work with you to find the perfect ingredient for your product.

For Drinks

From Cafe Lattes to Campari Spritzes, sometimes a beverage needs a little boost! Metarom USA is happy to provide exquisite fruit flavorings and caramels for a variety of mixology applications, from flavored caramels for coffee to fruit extracts for cocktails; Metarom’s authentic, true-to-life flavors provide beverages with a florality and herbal quality that is commonly missing in other fruit flavorings, granting a nuanced and complex profile to any drink it is added to.

Mixologists will also benefit from Metarom USA’s many functional flavorings, providing bitter blockers, sweetness enhancers, and other masking agents to bring the perfect balance and flavor to your beverage. Mask caffeine flavors and brighten beverages’ fruity sweetness with Metarom’s many flavor offerings.

Fruit-flavored cocktails

For Nutrition

Food is more than just flavor — It also has to be nutritious! Metarom USA offers fruit flavors to provide unique profiles and nutrient blends for various nutritional applications, such as protein shakes, ready-to-drink meals, performance drinks, and protein bars. Combined with their functional flavorings, producers can create a perfectly balanced product that does not taste chemicals, additives, or artificial flavoring, ideal for sports and energy drinks. Metarom USA can also work with product-makers to add nutritional and flavorful caramels to make healthy and delicious recipes for food and beverages. No matter what the application, Metarom USA will use its decades of experience and technical experts to find the perfect ingredient for your mix.

For Confections

Chocolatiers and candy-makers can access the most unique and bold fruit flavors through Metarom USA, granting your bespoke confections a flavor and nuance unattainable by other standards. From unique liquor flavors for chocolate truffles to colored fruit additives for hard candies, the flavor extracts from Metarom will provide flavors in a format that will easily mix into your production workflow.

Confectioners will also benefit from Metarom’s confectionery caramel, which can be mixed with many other flavorings as a sauce, powder, or liquid extract, sure to bring an extra level of complexity to any sweet confection. Metarom has been producing caramels since the beginning of their business, and can use their decades of expertise to develop the perfect ingredient for any dessert.

Caramel sauce on vanilla ice cream

How Metarom Develops Flavors

Metarom originally began business as a caramel manufacturer in 1953, growing into vanilla and fruit flavoring as the business grew. With many decades of experience and a scientific approach to the flavor manufacturing process, Metarom can provide customers with SQF and Kosher certified, organic products that are packed with bold flavor and consistent across production batches. Never be concerned with alterations to your workflow or process — Metarom USA works alongside customers to create the ideal flavor and nutritional mix to meet any need. Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small business, Metarom has the ingredients and knowledge to rise to any challenge.

Order Fruit Flavors Online

From performance energy drinks to baked goods and packaged confections, Metarom USA has the knowledge and tools to help you create the perfect flavor profile. Using our wide selection of true-to-life flavorings, we can provide a variety of ingredient formats, including water-based, oil-based, and powdered form factors. We can also offer nutritional supplements with our flavoring mixes, creating the ideal flavor compound for your product. Contact a representative at Metarom or order from our online store — You’ll surely find what you need.