A mixture of nuts

Nut Flavors for the Holidays

Nothing fits the holidays quite like toasty walnuts, candied pecans, or roasted almonds — From cookies to pies and even coffee flavorings, nuts are a popular and delicious flavor for various culinary applications. Using decades of experience and industry-leading food science, Metarom USA offers numerous excellent flavors to add richness, depth, and aromatic nuance to your dishes and recipes, helping culinary artists find the perfect flavor profile for their final product.

Whether mixed into a caramel sauce for coffee or filling an almond croissant, Metarom has the right flavoring agent. Choose from water-based, oil-based, and even powdered flavors to find the perfect format for your recipe! Metarom USA is dedicated to working with customers to develop the ideal flavor ingredient, even adding nutritional additives and flavor masks to perfect the blend for unique culinary products. Develop the best recipe for your workflow and production process, and ensure you have an authentic, true-to-life flavor.

A mixture of nuts

Nut Flavors for Baking

Baked goods are an essential treat for the holiday season; from almond cookies to pistachio sweet bread, nuts provide a roasted, creamy, slightly sweet flavor to baked goods that other ingredients can’t replicate. Whether mixing it into a caramel filling or adding a flavor powder to your dough, Metarom USA has authentic, true-to-life nut extracts that will provide the perfect depth and complexity to your baked goods. Whether you’re developing pre-packaged goods for distributed sale or homemade treats for friends and family, you can find an affordable and consistent flavor ingredient for your recipe — an essential quality for any baker.

Nut Flavors for Coffee

Flavored coffee is ubiquitous, with many coffee drinkers bringing the specialty experience home for the holidays. As espresso machines and pour-overs are unwrapped, many search for the perfect ingredients for their next latte. Metarom USA offers a variety of nutty additives that can be mixed into caramels, mocha sauces, or syrup to provide the perfect mix of flavors for a morning brew. Nuts are an ideal complement to the cherry, chocolate, and spiced notes of coffee, and Metarom’s true-to-source, nuanced flavors will be sure to perform.

Nut Flavors for Dessert

Not all desserts are baked around the holidays, but nuts can be used just the same! The slightly sweet, savory, woody nuts aroma will benefit Italian chocolate salami, chocolate bark, and elegant enrobed confections. Metarom USA offers pistachio, almond, and other nut flavors to help confectioners and chocolatiers find the ideal dessert profile. Add flavor agents to enrobed truffles, delicate gateaux, or chilled cheesecakes to create a genuinely exceptional holiday dish.

Nut Flavors for Function

Cuisine is about more than taste — Metarom USA’s flavors are also available as functional additives, adding nutrition and balance to any flavor mix. Add bitter blockers, masking agents, fat replacements, and other additives to add a nutty and nutritious boost to health drinks, protein bars, and supplements. Metarom USA uses our dedicated team of flavor engineers and tasters to provide you with the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition without compromising the complexity and taste of the original product.

Nutty cinnamon rolls

Flavor Formats for Any Recipe

Metarom USA offers our pistachio, almond, pecan, and other nut flavors in a variety of form factors to suit any ingredient list:


Water-based flavors dissolve effortlessly into liquid solutions, perfect for pound cakes, pie fillings, and custards. These differ from alcohol extracts and can accommodate particular diets or recipes where acids can split the mixture.


Oil-based flavors mix well into fat or fat-heavy mixtures, ideal for butter, caramels, and brownies. Use oil-based agents to make the perfect compound kinds of butter or bring another layer of depth and nuance to fat-based desserts like white chocolate ganache, cheesecakes, and more.


Powder-based nut flavors disperse into dry mixes perfectly, ideal for doughs, pie crusts, or cooking. The dry nature of powder also enables a longer shelf life, perfect for production processes.


Extracts are a classic flavoring agent, using alcohol to extract flavor from the source. Add them to baked goods, beverages, or anything that uses a traditional flavor extract.


Spray-dried flavors are an emulsified, then-dried flavoring agent, making for a phenomenal shelf-life and authenticity of flavor. Like powder-based offerings, spray-dried flavors are perfect for large or long production processes.

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Perfect your recipe and get access to Metarom USA’s wide selection of authentic, true-to-life flavors today! Metarom’s team of food engineers and decades of experience have supplied culinary inventors with nuanced, rich, and varied flavors with precision and quality at the forefront of the design process. Find the perfect flavor to add to your mixture from Metarom’s online store today!